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Book review: “Why We Buy”

I came across this classic while reading about frugal lifestyles and debt payoff. The author talks about retail stores and merchandising and marketing, but he unintentionally offers another benefit. If you understand how the stores are marketing to you, then … Continue reading

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Book review: Leaving the military for “The Corner Office”

Today’s review was suggested by our daughter, who’s discovered an unusual book about civilian leadership. Stick with me for another 1500 words before I explain how it also applies to the military. It’s a great morale-enhancing read when you’re in … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Get Rich Click!”

A few months ago I was offered a chance to moderate a tiny part of the Dollar Stretcher community in Military Family Finances.  I highly recommend Dollar Stretcher’s weekly e-mail, and their website is a treasure trove of personal financial … Continue reading

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Book Review: Liz Weston’s “The 10 Commandments of Money”

(Note: a shorter version of this review was published last week on the Dollar Stretcher website. Here’s the unabridged edition with formatting and more links.) Every generation has a financial author who teaches them how to make their life’s money … Continue reading

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