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“Top Ten Reasons to Never Retire”

(A few readers– and a lot of spammers!– may miss the irony of this title, so let me emphasize that military service can show you how to live a life that will lead to financial independence and retirement on your … Continue reading

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Retire at 17 years of service or 20?

    I read another good question on a Linkedin group: I am a Marine O-4 who has been passed for promotion and is looking for some advice on early retirement. I will have 17 years  of active duty by … Continue reading

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Starting your bridge career after the military

Long post today: I have 2400 words of real-life examples for a reader’s question. When I started thinking about a book, I wasn’t writing “just another job-search manual“. I wanted to talk about early retirement and frankly, I was scared … Continue reading

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Dual military couples

Jan put up a great comment  a few weeks back: “I’m curious. The stat on how many ACTUALLY retire is amazing to me. Your case is even more unique. How many couples have dual military retirement?” I’m afraid the short … Continue reading

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Getting “the job call”

“The Military Guide” blog has reached 100 posts!  Thanks to everyone who’s read and commented over the last eight months.  I think my military skills & discipline will keep this going for another year or five, so tell your friends! … Continue reading

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