Upgrade alert for subscribers

We’re going to start moving the blog to its own host.

It’s not Thursday yet, but this will be the last post on WordPress.COM.  Over the weekend the blog will change to WordPress.ORG on Bluehost. If things go well then it’ll also get a new look from the Genesis framework/theme.  We’ll be back to the regularly scheduled post by next Monday.

However there’s a ten-foot south shore swell forecast for this weekend, so the new Bluehost version of the blog might just keep limping along on its ancient Twenty Ten theme until I crawl out of the shorebreak.

We’re also shifting to the FeedBurner subscription service. If you’re subscribed to the blog through WordPress.com or by e-mail, you might have to subscribe again. I have a list of you subscribers and I’ll send you a separate note, but if you don’t see this blog’s Monday morning post then please subscribe again. Don’t wait on me to tell you!

If you’re subscribed to the blog or the comments through regular ol’ RSS, then nothing should change. There’ll be a brief period sometime between now and Monday where the DNS servers will have to update their lookup tables to reflect that the blog has moved from one IP address to another.  If your RSS reader chooses that very moment to look for the latest post then there might be a problem. But this is the last post of the week so I’m hoping the DNS propagation happens before an RSS server gets unhappy.

I’m using a service to move the blog, one that’s been recommended by friend & rock-star blogger Ryan. The service has done many of these moves and they say it should be straightforward. (Yeah, I know, I’ve heard that one before too, but I’m cautiously optimistic.  If they can move Ryan’s blogs around then they can certainly handle my blog.) I’m computer literate, but I think it’s worth spending real money to get this done right the first time by an expert who won’t get led astray by cryptic error messages. Once the surf move settles down then I’ll blog all about the details.

Over the next month I’ll be slowly adding more plugins and other widgets. Let me know if you have a plugin or widget that you particularly like, and let me know what I should avoid! First-time visitors will see an aloha landing page, but you steady readers will continue to get straight to the things you want to read.

You’re also going to start seeing ads, beginning with Google AdSense. They’ve considerably tightened up their terms of service to minimize the reader distraction, and I’ll keep the ads from getting in the way of the posts. I’m also going to be running sidebar ads from military-friendly companies and affiliate products. That’ll include banks and credit-card companies for those of you who feel comfortable using them responsibly.

Google doesn’t want me to trick you into clicking on their ads, so I’m not allowed to tell you that the blog revenue is going to military charities like Wounded Warrior Project or Fisher House. Nope, I’m not allowed to tell you that at all. However I can assure you that I’m financially independent, and I want to retain my credibility. I’ll send all of the blog revenue to the same places that I’m sending the book royalties, and I plan to continue that indefinitely. I’ll also carry the blog’s hosting costs for the next year or so, although I might eventually pay the hosting expenses from the ad revenue. That all depends on what we need for server resources, reliability, and bandwidth.  I’d love to have that “problem”!

I’m a big fan of the financial transparency coming from bloggers like Pat Flynn, Philip Taylor at PT Money, Ninja at Punch Debt In The Face, J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy, and Mike at Live The New Economy. I plan to post all the revenue as it happens. I may not be allowed to tell you publicly where it goes, but the military charities will directly benefit from whatever money you send through the site.

Here’s hoping for the most boring blog transfer ever, followed by the world’s easiest theme upgrade. This weekend will have plenty of excitement, hours of hard work, and the kind of exhaustion that can only be alleviated by 800 mg of ibuprofen– but I’d like that to just happen on my longboard, not on the blog!


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2 Responses to Upgrade alert for subscribers

  1. Jason Hull says:

    I use Bluehost and Genesis and am very happy with the decision. Best of luck in the migration!

  2. Jay says:

    Hi Nords, Happy blog moving and wave surfing this weekend! http://www.surfline.com/surf-forecasts/oahu/west-side_2133

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