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Exercise with a purpose

I realized the other day (during a workout, of course) that my reasons for working out have changed over the years. In my 20s I worked out to stay in shape– and to attract hot chicks. In my 30s I … Continue reading

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Reader questions about retiring on a military enlisted pension

    A reader asks some very good questions: “I came across your book and am interested in purchasing it, but I have a few questions. I’m an E-6. I’m married, with no children, and currently only have a retirement … Continue reading

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Forensic geriatric finances

    Today’s post revisits the subject of caring for the financial independence of your loved ones. There’s nothing here about military retirement, but I’m very glad that our aggressive savings and low-cost lifestyle have enabled us to retire from … Continue reading

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Book review: “All The Money In The World”

    Are you tired of grubbing for money? The financial media is gloomier than ever about the prospects of saving enough for retirement. Every day we’re admonished that we’re not saving enough, that we’ll need millions of dollars, that … Continue reading

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Tricare, vehicle insurance, and uninsured/underinsured motorists

    I’ve enjoyed military retirement for over 10 years, and in that time I’ve been lucky enough to be mostly ignorant of my Tricare Prime benefits. I found a good civilian clinic for my primary care manager (just a … Continue reading

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